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With a land area that is one of the largest in the state, California City was designed to be a vibrant hub of activity that offers great amenities like schools, medical facilities, shopping centers, and vast recreational spaces.


Experience the great outdoors in California City’s central park – an 80-acre expanse with a beautiful lake, picnic areas, sports fields, and an off-road vehicle park. This desert oasis attracts outdoors enthusiasts with activities like hiking, off-roading, and exploring the famous Red Rock Canyon State Park. Serving as the base for private and recreational aviation is the California City Municipal Airport, an impressive structure that showcases the city’s adventurous spirit.

California City Swift Disposal Junk removal


Are you tired of staring at junk piling up in your home? Look no further! Swift Disposal offers top-notch residential junk removal services in California City. Our licensed and insured team of professionals provides you with the best possible service. We can help you reclaim your space with our furniture removal, appliance removal, and general junk removal services. Best of all, our appointments are free! Give us a call at 661-282-7085, and let us handle the mess.

Furniture Removal
Residential Junk Removal

Eviction Clean Outs in California City, CA

Are you dreading the thought of cleaning out after an eviction? Let our responsible team handle it for you quickly and safely! Our eviction clean-out services in California City are perfect for homeowners needing a reliable way to remove all trash from their private homes, condos, or apartments. Don’t waste several weeks doing it on your own. Call Swift Disposal today at 661-282-7085 and start decluttering your property hassle-free!

Residential Junk Removal

Spring & Fall Clean Ups California City, CA

Get a spotless yard by choosing Swift Disposal for your Spring and Fall Clean Ups in California City! We offer top-notch services at an affordable price and we leave no debris behind. Our skilled team will take care of everything, including branches, leaves, twigs, and weeds, with efficient methods that allow you to enjoy your yard in no time. Plus, we are environmentally conscious and will dispose of the waste properly, so you don’t have to worry about it ending up in a landfill. Trust us to give your property a fantastic clean-up with zero hassle!


Junk Removal

Trash & Debris Removal California City, CA

Are you looking for a trustworthy debris removal service in California City? Swift Disposal has got you covered! With years of experience in the junk removal industry, our team is committed to providing you with premium-grade service. No task is too big or too small for us, as we will efficiently clear out your home or office building. Our company tailors a custom plan that meets your budget and requirements. Get in touch with us today!


Residential Junk Removal

Foreclosure Junk Removal California City, CA

Need to get rid of foreclosure junk in California City? Swift Disposal has you covered. Our expert team delivers top-notch removal services that are quick, reliable, and efficient. Best of all, we offer competitive pricing that is hard to beat. Contact us today at 661-282-7085 and let us help you handle your junk removal needs in California.

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Revamp your business and create a safer work environment with Swift Disposal’s commercial clean-out services in California City. Our comprehensive offerings include the removal of old furniture, appliances, electronics, and construction debris. With flexible pricing options, you can stay within budget while getting the job done, whether you need to remove a few items or an entire office’s worth of furniture and equipment. Trust us to improve your business’s appearance and functionality.

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Office Space Clean Outs

Office Space Clean Outs in California City, CA

Clear the clutter and create a safer work environment for your business with Swift Disposal’s commercial clean-out services in California City. Our pricing options are designed to fit your budget, and our team can tackle any size job, from a few items to an entire office’s worth of furniture and equipment. Don’t let unwanted items take up valuable space in your office. Call Swift Disposal at 661-282-7085 to declutter your space and boost productivity. 

Junk Removal

Warehouse Clean Ups in California City, CA

Is your warehouse operation feeling cluttered and overwhelming? Swift Disposal has the solution with our warehouse clean-up services. We offer flexible scheduling, so you can trust us to be on time for regular and one-time pickups. Our team arrives with everything needed to get the job done right. Ready to declutter your warehouse? Call us now at 661-282-7085 for a swift solution.


Restaurant Appliance Removal

Restaurant Junk Removal in California City, CA

At Swift Disposal, we specialize in removing all types of restaurant equipment and furniture, including booths, tables, chairs, dishwashers, and more. Our expert team in California uses large trucks to get the job done quickly, minimizing downtime for your business. Contact us today and we will remove anything you need, allowing you to focus on preparing delicious food and serving your customers.

Junk Removal

Storage Unit Clean Ups in California City, CA

Are you struggling with clutter and junk in your home or business storage? Don’t fret! Swift Disposal is here to help with our top-notch storage unit cleaning services. Our expert crew will efficiently remove unwanted items, giving you more space and a tidier living or working environment. Trust us to take care of the job with precision, leaving you stress-free and satisfied.



Do you have a property cluttered with junk and debris? We can help with the cleanup process! Whether it is a small apartment or a large rental home after an eviction, we handle it all – from abandoned appliances and furniture to yard waste, construction debris, and even hot tubs. Our team will safely haul away your items in our non-hazardous trucks and trailers. Plus, we take care to recycle, donate, and dispose of everything properly. Let us take the stress off your hands and get your property back to its original state.


New Tenant Clean Ups in California City, CA

Are you dealing with an eviction or trying to get your property ready for rent or sale? Don’t let bulk junk take up any more of your precious time. Swift Disposal can professionally haul it away, leaving you free to focus on what matters. Whether you are a property manager, realtor, or landlord, we have got you covered. So, if you are ready to declutter your building, call us today at 661-282-7085!

Hoarder Clean Outs Senior Living Homes

Hoarder Clean Outs Senior Living Homes in California City, CA

Are you having trouble clearing the clutter and getting rid of unwanted junk? Look no further than Swift Disposal. Our top-notch customer service guarantees a neat and orderly property. With expertise in hoarder cleanup, we will work alongside you to declutter your home or business. At Swift Disposal, we are here to assist you in making your space a cleaner, more livable environment. Reach out to us today at 661-282-7085 for a helping hand.

Eviction Junk Removal

Eviction Junk Removal in California City, CA

Save time and hassle during the turnover process of your rental property with Swift Disposal. Don’t let messy tenants be a problem anymore – we offer cleanup services for any size item. From eviction junk removal to general cleaning, call us at 661-282-7085. Let us handle the cleanup so you can focus on finding new tenants.

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At Swift Disposal, we take great satisfaction in serving our community in ?, CA, and the surrounding areas, including Arvin, Lamont, Oildale, Shafter, Wasco, Taft, Delano, Ridgecrest, Tehachapi, California City, McFarland, Rosamond. We bring a passion for people, honesty, and accountability. It is more than a business to us; we strive to provide one hundred percent efficient and reliable services. We also make a difference by recycling, reusing, and repurposing as much as possible of everything we transport.

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At Swift Disposal, we love serving the Bakersfield community with fair rates and prompt service.



We work with many local organizations to redirect, recycle and donate as much as possible. In this way, we seek to reverse a lot of junk ending up in landfill.



We take all the junk you dispose of and pick it up where it's dumped. It's as simple as pointing.

How our service works

│01   Book your non-contact junk removal service online or by calling 661-282-7085.

│02   Our friendly crew will call you 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to let you know exactly when to expect us.

│03   When we arrive, we’ll look at the items you want us to remove and give you an upfront price.

│04   We will remove your items, touch only the ones we take, and sweep the area. Once the job is completed, we will charge you for the service provided.

We strive to honor estimates given online or over the phone. However, based upon onsite verification, the quote could change based on weight, volume, location of the material, and accessibility.

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